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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 24-Part 2- The final run!!

Apologies if you have been waiting for my final blog but I got a little bit tied up enjoying the Festive celebrations!!

Day 24- I was worried about completing my last run so late at night but I actually really enjoyed it. Here I am preparing my sack and the other one with Chris, just before we set off!!

We set off and it felt strangely very warm!! There was still snow on the grounds but it did feel very mild. I think when I have been used to running in -9 temperatures then a -1 was considerably warmer !!!It was actually a beautiful night with lots of stars in the sky, I kept out looking out for the real Santa on his sleigh so he could give us a lift !!!

 It was a bit surreal running so late at night especially in a Santa Costume, I am not sue I will ever be running on xmas eve at that time of night again!! Here is a short video clip , proving I did complete the run in the Santa Costume !
and just in case the video doesn't work...

There wasn't much traffic on the roads but a couple of taxi's went past and beeped their horn at us to keep us going. I also had lots of people sending cheers via my facebook account, a big thank you to everyone that sent one because it kept us both smiling and it was lovely to know there were people there cheering us on!!

The final 2km was tough on the both our legs but all I kept thinking was, this is it, only 2km to go, nothing compared to the 238km I had already done!!! Here is proof I have completed the 240km!!

It was an amazing feeling finishing and completing the run with Chris. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to finish my last run with me, he has been a massive support to me throughout December and couldn't have done it without his help,xx

I also want to say a massive thank you to EVERYONE who has been so generous in supporting the "claus", to everyone that has cheered me on and given their money, I couldn't have done it without you. My total sponsor is currently at £2236 which is a fantastic amount and will make a massive difference to the kids at Martin House.  The last couple of photo's of me getting a well deserved rest!!! The funny thing was I actually stuck to the lampost I am laid on because it was so frosty!! he he

Time for bed....... Good night and I hope you all had a fab Xmas and best wishes for 2011, who knows what the challenge will be for 2011!!xxxxx


  1. Brilliant! Well done Diane. An absolutely amazing achievement... and love the pics!

    Gonna miss your blog though! :-) xx

  2. Fantastic work Diane, we are all very proud of you!

    Love David x

  3. Well done Diane I am very proud of you and know your Dad would have been too. A wonderful achievement and fantastic amount of money raised for Martin House. Please put your feet up now and your trainers away for awhile Love Mum x